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The Importance of your TICA Registered Kitten

What is TICA? The International Cat Association (TICA) is considered the world's largest genetic cat registry. Originally a North American organization, it now has a worldwide presence. The organization has a genetic registry for pedigreed and household pet cats and is one of the world's largest sanctioning bodies for cat shows.

TICA for cats is equivalent to AKC for dogs.

Why is it important to have a TICA registered kitten? All TICA registered breeders and members must sign and adhere to the ethical laws concerning to ethical breeding being practiced. These laws protect the rights of the sellers and the buyers. Breeders that are found in violation of these laws can be banned from TICA. Thereby, being a member in good standing is a good indication that buyer's rights will be honored.

You run a risk when you purchase a kitten from a Breeder that does not have TICA registration papers. If you purchase a non TICA registered kitten from someone, you do not know their breeding practices and this could have impact on the health of the kitten you are receiving because the parents or litter may not have been genetically tested.

There are some reasons that a litter cannot be registered. This could mean that either the kitten is not a purebred or that the person is illegally breeding out of contract.

A TICA registered Savannah has documentation of all pedigree to its original Serval mating and thus guarantee the cat as a purebred.

Why is it important to get a documented purebred Savannah? Savannahs have distinctly different social personalities than other breeds. Many people that purchase Savannahs do so not just for their gorgeous exotic physical appearance but also for their outgoing dog-like personalities and intelligence. A Savannah that is not a registered purebred may have other breeds that will alter this famous personality and give a different less-desirable experience. A TICA registered breeder has a history of breeding genetically sound animals. Here at Luxury Savannahs we strive to only breed the purest of the Savannah breed with focus on health, quality, temperament and physical appearance.

Savannahs are known for having less genetic health problems. If you purchase a kitten from a undocumented breeder/person, you may run the risk of the kitten having been bred unethically, and you gamble with the possibility of your new pet being compromised with genetic diseases or defects. If you're going to spend money to invest your heart into a furry friend that will be around for many years, it is worth everything to purchase a Savannah from a TICA registered Breeder that will offer you a kitten with a social temperament and good health.

Should I register my “Pet”? Breeders will receive a litter certificate for their registered litter and individual registration papers for each of the kittens born in their litter. Breeders have the ability to provide new owners with the paperwork designated for their specific kitten. Most Breeders do not give a Breeder Slip to new owners who purchase their kitten as a ‘Pet’ because there will be no genetic line proceeding the kitten once it is spayed or neutered.

If you purchased your kitten as a Pet and your Breeder gave you a Breeder Slip to register your kitten, you can still obtain a registration certificate of your kitten after you fill out the Breeder Slip online or through the mail. You can also request your kitten’s pedigree.

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