The F1 Savannah Cat

The F1 Savannah is the product of an African Serval parent and a Savannah cat parent.

The F1 Savannah will range from 50% – 88% wild blood.


F1's are the most wild of all the Savannah generations and the largest (with exceptions of some f2 males). When compared to a Serval the F1 Savannah cats are quite manageable. They are usually very good with their litter box when properly trained as kittens and won’t destroy your house like Servals do. 

They will bond with immediate family members, and pretty standoffish with everyone else unless you socialize them properly early on.


F1's are not aggressive, but for the most part they won’t socialize with strangers as adults unless you have brought them around people as kittens. They are good with children in the family.  When people they don’t know visit, they may retreat to a back room or stay in a cat tree or on top of the cupboards or high place to watch everyone below until you bring out a toy for them to play with and show off how athletic and fun they are.  

They do love to show off (most Savannah Cats of all generations do.) they love to jump 5ft to catch their favorite toy in the air . F1's are masters at the game of fetch! Throw their favorite toy or ball and they will chase it and prance in happiness as they bring it back to you to throw again! (F2's and other lower generations of savannahs love fetch as well!)

They love to show off and love to be praised when doing something right.  If you praise them as they catch a toy or sit and shake, they will do it time and time again. 

It is very important to hold your F1 as much as you can while they are young because if you do not, the F1 will never want to be held.  They won't be aggressive about it, but more annoyed.  Our F1's LOVE to be held and will let strangers hold them because we are so hands on with all of our kittens as soon as they are born.


F1's at Luxury Savannahs do love attention and affection, and they will not disappoint you. F1's are very athletic and  want to play with you and expend energy, but F1 Savannahs are not always 'lap cats'. F1's at Luxury Savannahs love to lay on you, lay with you or next to you in bed. they love to give a lot of affection and head butts, but they are very large so they might not be found on your lap constantly.. Although we do have past owners who will send us photos of their F1 from us that will be cuddled up on their lap all day long.


Trips to the vet can be challenging when they are older unless you make sure you take your F1 in the car as much as you can.  They enjoy car rides to the park or to the store.  We even take F1's with us to Starbucks drive through to get a tasty whipped cream treat and people 'ooo' and 'awww' about the kittens as we socialize them with the strangers and sights and smells in different places. 


If a F1 is upset, occasionally they will opt not to use the litter box so just keep him/her happy and there will be no worries of a mess. If this happens, you will need to re-train your f1 by putting them back into a small room or bathroom with a ltiter box, cat tree, and food dishes and not let them have run of the house for 2-4 weeks until you feel they have been re-trained. 


F1's can be taught to walk on a harness and most love to play in water, whether it be in your shower or bath tub, an outside pond or pool, the garden hose or sprinkler. 

F1 Size

F1 Savannah's range in size with males being 17 to 30 pounds, standing approximately 16 to 20 inches at the shoulder and 22 to 25 inches from chest to rump. F1 females are usually 12 to 25 pounds.

Price ranges from $13,000 to $25,000. 

F1's at Luxury Savannah's

Here at Luxury Savannah's we provide F1 Savannah Kittens from bloodlines which are sought after for their exotic coats, beautiful inky spots, tall ears, long legs and friendly temperaments. 


The Savannah kittens we raise and provide are pet, played with, socialized, and held from birth so that they will become more social with their human owners.  We have plenty of play room for each kitten to grow up and learn and explore. The kittens will leave our home after 11 weeks of age, fixed (if applicable), all age appropriate vaccinations, veterinarian exam, carrier, toys, food, and blanket.


Should you move forward with purchasing you will be send a legally-binding sales contract to review and sign after payments are made.  Deposits will be due to hold your kitten of choice.  


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