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Our Mission

As a breeder of the Savannah Cat, Luxury Savannahs has become increasingly aware of the mission of this breed and our importance in the savannah breed community. 

The savannah is one of the newest breeds of domestic cats. It is our duty as respective breeders of this magnificent class of animals, to ensure that we breed responsibly and exclusively to maintain the savannah breed and its genetic diversity. 

The goal for the Savannah cat breeder is to lock in their unique wild traits that are not going to be found in the domestic population.  Although experimenting breeding with other strong breeds can be done responsibly, there are still many breeders whom are using domestic cats in their breeding program. This does not need to be done any more. Some long standing breeders have now been able to create incredible lower generation Savannahs that can be used in Early generation breeding to create a new line of exotic high percentage Savannahs that carry the traits we desire in future lower generations! 

We believe it is important that we perfect the Savannah breed so that we can pioneer this unique feline and People will recognize its name for generations to come. 

The Savannah's unique coat, tall ears ears, short tail, elongated arms legs and torso, and their expressions and intelligent energetic personalities are not going to come from anywhere else but a Serval. It has and will, take generations of back and forth breeding and careful selection to lock in those special traits. Savannahs are extremely difficult to breed as it is, with many unexplained fading kittens, genetic misfortunes, fertility issues and extremely small litters.

The look and quality of today’s Savannahs is still emerging.  With the selective pairings and also the patient and dedicated type-focused breeders who concentrate on the unique coats (the silver, smoke, snow,  melanistic and marble) the following generation of savannahs is becoming more and more incredible.

We are currently focusing on the silver Savannah coat color which has been a recent fan favorite of ours because of it's unique and rare occurrance in the breeds early generation breedings. We hope to have future breeders of our silver lines be a big part of the future of these savannah cats and people will recognize the Luxury Savannahs line for not only one of the purest beauty of silver savannah coats, but known for the line to have cats with incredible health and loving personalities! 

- Luxury Savannahs

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