How to Reserve YOUR KITTEN!


While browsing our website, you may see an available kitten that you feel is perfect for your family! When you have chosen your desired kitten. if the kitten is under 10 weeks of age, a 50% deposit is required to reserve your kitten. The deposit is payable via PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, Apple Pay, or crypto wallet transfer. if the desired kitten is 10 weeks or older a full payment of the quoted price is due to reserve him/her. 

The purpose of the Deposit is to ensure the New owner’s intent to purchase the Kitten so the Kitten can be held only for the Purchaser and shall not be sold to any other buyer. This part is very important because we often receive multiple emails each day of inquiries on our extraordinary kittens. Without a reservation deposit, the kitten you have fallen in love with may be reserved before you know it!

The deposit will also lock in the most recent quoted price and a "deposit agreement", with the kitten’s guarantee, will be sent to your email to be signed. 

Payments we Accept:​ (friends & family)

  • PayPal : LuxurySavannahs@gmail.com 

  • CashApp: $LuxurySavannahs

  • Venmo: LuxurySavannahs

  • Apple Pay (email for Apple Pay info)

  • Cryptocurrency (email for transfer info) 

Once your payment is made and cleared, we will send you our signed "Deposit Agreement" which includes reference to our Deposit Agreement policy, the guarantee of the kitten you have reserved, your kitten’s health guarantee, and a paid invoice receipt of your payment for your records. 


To complete the agreement, we require the following information sent to our email: LuxurySavannahs@gmail.com

  • Kitten of Choice (filial generation, gender, name) Example: F1 Male "Falcon"  

  • Your Full Name 

  • Address 

  • Phone number 

  • Email 

Please sign the Agreement and send it back to our email.

Between the time of reservation of your kitten and the pickup date, we will send updates on the kitten's development, we have written a 30 page book on helpful information about Savannah cats and how to transition your kitten to your home, preparing you for your new kitten's arrival. 


(The final payment is due no later than 14 days (2 weeks) before your kitten leaves Luxury Savannah's. (Kittens are ready for new homes after two sets of vaccinations which is done around 11-13 weeks of age- the full amount is due by the time the desired kitten is 10 weeks old.)

After the final payment is made for your kitten, you will receive a "Final Agreement" which includes your kitten's health guarantee and information about your kitten ( birthdate etc) 

Kittens are ready for new homes after our veterinarian has completed two sets of the recommended vaccinations. As a TICA registered Breeder, we are required to sign a voluntary code of ethics. Within these ethics, one of the rules state, breeders are not allowed to release a kitten to the care of any new owner without the two sets of the required vaccinations. The first vaccinations are done at around 8 weeks of age, and the second set of vaccinations is done around 11-12 weeks of age.  After that, kittens are healthy enough and ready to go to new homes.

Some people may ask if they can meet kittens prior to purchasing. We apologize that we are not able to have visitors at our home due to the safety of our family, and the health and safety of our cats and their kittens. We are a small at home cattery not a big facility raising cats in cages. each cat and their kittens grow up in our family's bedrooms and are given constant attention love and affection.  After kittens have reached the required age for their second set of vaccinations, we are then able to meet owners and potential owners in a public place so hey can meet their kitten.

Please report back to us as soon as you get your kitten home to let us know how he or she is settling in and feel free to call with any questions or concerns you may have as your kitten gets acclimated to your home.

~ Luxury Savannahs

TICA Registered Breeders looking for kittens

We only consider selling Kittens as Breeders to select catteries.  Breeding rights require an additional fee on top of the pet price. All kittens are tica Registered with breeders 'sold for breeding'. Your kitten will include the TICA documents and appropriate Testing paperwork.

Female Kittens purchased as pets might require an additional fee (usually Between $300 - $500) for spay surgery prior to leaving luxury savannahs. The surgery is not included in the quoted price and All costs associated with surgery shall be incurred by the Owner.