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RAW Diet for Savannah Cats

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

How to make a Raw Diet at Home for your Savannah Cat.

We at Luxury Savannahs feed some of our Savannah and kittens a purely only raw diet and some of our Savannah cats and kittens only prefer a raw diet a few times per week. The raw diet is great in order to keep up the protein, vitamins, and nutrients they need.

**An easy way to feed your Savannah raw is to give XS or S baby chicks or quail (dethawed) throughout the week so your cat and kitten has all of the nutrition that the organs, bones and feathers provide. Feeder mice are also great for the fur and organs and bones are very nutritious for your Savannah. (These can be purchased online. Please try not to feed your Savannah LIVE mice (unless pinky mice) or birds. It is best to purchase them frozen)

Also, a purely raw food diet ground together into a paste is great! Most of our Savannahs love a raw mixed ground diet.

Easy Raw

Raw with Organs basics:

  • 1 pound raw hearts (chicken or beef) per 4lbs of chicken

  • 1 pound of liver per 9 pounds of chicken

  • Chicken breast, thigh, drums or legs, and/or rabbit (gutted), duck, game hen, or quail (just chicken is fine)

  • Grind all together and freeze any that won't be used within 3 days

Kittens will eat 1/4-1/3 cup 2x per day and adult cats will eat 3/4 a cup 2x per day.

When giving your kitten this delicious raw paste, add water so it is more moist and not sticky.

Do not reheat or heat up in the microwave. Heating up the raw will make it hard to digest when it cooks the bone.

You can give hearts as treats.

If you do not have organs, you can add wildtrax vitamins (appropriate dosage is labeled on the bag) and canned cat food for taste.


Also if you do not want to grind up bones, you can add egg shells to the grinder as well.



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