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HP F1 Savannah Kitten


HP F1 Kitten -"Stark" 
    -Ready to go January 2024

Stark, is a stunning male HP F1 Savannah kitten with a radiant golden coat. He has the exotic look of a serval with the his tall rounded top set ears, almond shaped eyes, long legs and striped tail.  He is very regal and elegant!


Stark is a wonderful companion! He has an amazing personality! He is incredibly affectionate, outgoing, loving, and wants to give unlimited head butts and cuddles.  Stark is very social with children and other animals making him a great companion with someone who has dogs, cats and children.

Being 75% exotic, Star is destined to grow into a very large and majestic feline companion, turning heads wherever he goes. If you're looking for a mix of beauty, charm, and size, Stark is ready to be welcomed into your life, and get ready for a journey of love, laughter, and endless adventures!

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