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F1 Savannah Kitten

F1 Kitten -"Falcon" 
    -Ready to go June 2021!

Falcon is a high percentage F1 Savannah kitten! He has tall cupped ears with bright white and black ocelli! He has perfectly dark round black spots scattered throughout his bright buttery golden coat! Falcon has a stunning pure white belly and white under arms. His coat is sleek like a serval! His legs are very long and lanky and his body frame is long as well! This boy is incredibly exotic looking!  He has a triangular shaped head and almond shaped hooded eyes and a big pink nose! Falcon is very affectionate and sweet. He is the one that lets his brother get into mischief and he will observe and play when it is his turn. He has a really sweet serval chirp and loving demeanor. He will also be really great with other pets! ~ Luxury Savannahs 
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