Available Kittens

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We have F1 Kittens Available!

F2 Kittens born June 03!

F4 Kittens born May 22nd!

Important Note:

Here at Luxury Savannah's we take pride in the fact that each kitten has grown up in a home environment without a large facility of cats and kittens breeding all year round.  

Each kitten is spent being socialized with, played with and petted constantly instead of left in cages or rooms by themselves for hours or days on end.

Because of this, we do not provide kittens all year round.  The Queens are not bred several times per year like a lot of cat breeders.  The Queens receive a significant break in between litters so they can enjoy being a cat and and not a breeding machine. 

We love the Savannah breed, and although we do want others to enjoy it as well, we make sure that all of our cat's health and well being come FIRST. 

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