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F1 Savannah Kitten

Mother: European Mainecoon
Father: African Serval

"Maeve" is the only Silver F1 Savannah in existence that is derived from a European Mainecoon and African Serval. 
Besides her rarity, the Silver color for a F1 Savannah is extremely rare as is! We only have very few Silver colored Savannahs born each year. These kittens have beautifully bright silver and grey tones and black and dark silver spots, Maeve is a bright stunning silver and white color that is extremely beautiful! She has massive top set ears like the Serval with bright white and silver ocelli. She has tufts that stretch out from the tips of her ears like her Mainecoon mother which makes her look that much more exotic!  Maeve's fur is so vibrant white, silver toned with contrasted black and dark silver spots! Knowing how large F1 Savannahs get, we expect Maeve to become even bigger for Mainecoon's carry the record for the largest pet cat and the Savannah carrying the record for the tallest pet cat. She is very social and friendly with other cats and she is very confident and playful.
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