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F1 Savannah Kitten -  Luxury Savannahs

Luxury Savannahs' Kittens

The experience with your breeder should not only be informative and comforting but also welcoming and enjoyable!

We hope we can provide that for you!


At Luxury Savannahs we take pride in socializing our kittens with adults, children, and other animals. We give all kittens a substantial amount of love, unlimited kisses and attention from the day they are born so when they arrive to their new owners, they will share the same love and dedication to you from day one. 


As you may have read and researched, we specialize in the Savannah breed with focus on the F1 and F2 generations and breed concentrating on aspects of Health, Size, Quality, and Physical Appearance! We are proud to provide our new owners with highly Affectionate life-long Loving pets!

Below are the kittens we have available and expected:


HP F1 Savannah Kittens

One Female Available

*Large kitten with a beautiful beige golden coat and deep black spotting!  


 (Ready to go in late March early April)

Starting at $16,000.


F2 Savannah Kittens

Expected in April/May 2022

*Males & Females Available for Reservation

Starting at $9,000.


HP F1 Savannah Kittens

One Male Available

*Large kitten with a bright vivid golden and white coat!

 (Ready to go in late April early May)

Starting at $16,000.


  F2 Savannah Kittens

Expected in May 2022

*Males & Females Available for Reservation

Starting at $10,000.


    F1 Savannah Kittens

One Female Reserved

*Stunning silver and white coat with large black spots!




HP F1 Savannah Kittens

Expected in April 2022

*Males & Females Available for reservation

Starting at $18,000.

If you’re interested in a future kitten a $500 pre-birth deposit is required to reserve a spot in line for a kitten of choice. 


If you’re interested in a current available kitten a 50% deposit of the most recent quoted price is required to reserve your kitten of choice. 



All of our breeding cats have genetic testing done and are free of disease or genetic defect. All of our breeding cats and their kittens are superior in health and genetics. Each kitten receives two sets of the required vaccinations per their age recommendation, rabies vaccination, SNAP testing, and a full physical examination from an accredited veterinarian prior to leaving our home to yours. 



We are located in Las Vegas NV. 

When your kitten is ready, you can come pick up your kitten here and we will provide you with your kitten, and all of the items listed below (carrier, blanket, food, health certificate, toys, TICA registration etc.) 

If you would like a courier to deliver your kitten to you please send an email to and they will be happy to assist you in making sure your kitten arrives safely in your arms. They have delivered many kittens for us in the past and our new Savannah owners enjoyed their experience with their professional services. 



Our Savannah kittens come with the following:

*FluentPet button kit - Teach your kitten to talk with this incredible learning tool! We are currently having great success with our Savannahs!

*Health guarantee

*UTD vaccinations and SNAP tested 

*TICA registration paperwork - (pet/breeder/show class)

*Copy of your kitten's health certification

*A Luxury Carrying case - (your choice of a soft mesh or plastic hard carrier)

*A plush blanket

*Harness & Leash

*Cat toys

*Kitten food - to help your kitten transition to the food you will be feeding him/her

*High Quality photographs - of your kitten sent to your email

*30 page Kitten Care Guide Book - read on how to transition a Savannah kitten into your home with helpful tips and Information about what to feed your kitten, the personality of the Savannah cat, Savannah cat do's don'ts, litter box information, training, leash training, and a Savannah cat's favorite toys!




Payments and reservations for kittens can be made via friends & family with the following options:



Cashapp: $LuxurySavannahs

Venmo: @LuxurySavannahs

Crypto currency available (contact for wallet address) 

Apple Pay (contact for Apple Pay info)


Thank you,

Luxury Savannahs


Thanks for submitting!
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