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Savannah Kitten Progression

                   Below are examples of a kitten's progression from three days to three weeks to eleven weeks old. 

A Savannah Kitten's coat and features change and evolve from the day they are born.  It is a beautiful process and very exciting to experience.  Savannah kittens go through a "Fuzzy Stage" usually around 6 to 12 weeks of age, where the kitten's coat is fluffy, fuzzy, and the spots that were seen clearly the first few weeks of their life, now appear diluted in a camouflage type state.  The reason behind this is, as kittens become old enough to explore, nature has created a fascinating way to keep kitten's hidden from predators in the wild by diluting the spots by making them look softer so the kitten can be hidden in plain sight.  


After the "fuzzy stage" has run its course, the Savannah kitten's coat will eventually start to smooth out into a sleek spotted pelt and brighten with contrasted deep and clear colors and shades. Some Savannah's fur will end up more golden as adults than they were as kittens. Some will be more cool toned, some will be more beige. Some Savannahs will have more silver tones (bright and dark). Some adult Savannahs will have multiple colors per strand of hair (this is called "ticking" or "banding") or your melanistic Savannah might turn into a deep dark silky black, cloaking the spots that were once more visible on the skin.  

The ears of the Savannah are one of the most charming features they have inherited from their Serval ancestors. Their ears are probably the most dramatic and intriguing developments to encounter. The Savannah's ears go through a drastic and beautiful development. As kittens grow, their ears reach higher and higher on top of the their head. The kittens are born with tiny ocelli (the white 'eye' on the back of their ear) that spreads wider as their ears grow tall. 

F2 Male Savannah 3 days to 11 weeks.jpg
F2 Female 3 days to 11 weeks.jpg
F2 Savannah Kittens 3 days old to Eleven
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