Receiving Your Kitten

Kittens are ready for new homes after they have received 2 sets of Vaccinations and are 11-12 weeks of age. It is vital to schedule your pickup or delivery of your kitten as soon as you are able to, so that you will have no delays in receiving your new bundle of joy. There may be a boarding/holding fee if you fail to pickup or schedule delivery for your kitten by your Breeder's required time frame. 


For pick up :

Once your kitten is fully vaccinated, weaned, and ready to travel, you may pick up your kitten here in Las Vegas, NV. We will communicate with you the date and time you will be planning on arriving in Las Vegas, and schedule when/where you would be  picking up your kitten.

There is no fee for pick up of your kitten.  

for flights for pickup or with the courier we provide a comfortable airline approved soft mesh carrier with a shoulder strap, a plush blanket, folder with vet records and information, toys, and food with your kitten.

for new owners driving to pickup their kitten, we have the option for you to choose if you would like your kitten to travel in the airline approved soft mesh carrier with a shoulder strap, or a hard plastic carrier, we can also, upon request, provide a small letterbox and a bag of litter for your car ride home if you have your kitten out of the car. We will also give you a plush blanket, folder with vet records and information, toys, and food with your kitten.

Please email us with your suggested pick up date itinerary prior to making arrangements so we can confirm the date and time for meeting you.  If there are any flight delays etc. please inform us ASAP.

For Hand Delivery with a Courier:

A courier is a pet-friendly way for owners to receive their kitten safely. It is important to contact A courier in advance so you can solidify a delivery date for your kitten to arrive to you with ease. Please contact us for information on Our most trusted pet courier for hand delivery of your kitten right to your door.  They will be able to provide you with a quote for the location and dates selected. We have had a great experience with this courier who has delivered many of our kittens to new owners professionally and with ease.  If a courier option is chosen, please send us an email for a request on what date your kitten will be ready to be delivered so you can give the courier an approximate pickup/delivery date. after your kitten has two of the required sets of vaccinations and health physical with appropriate health certification for travel, we will confirm with you and the courier pickup time and date.

for flights for pickup or with the courier we provide a comfortable airline approved soft mesh carrier with a shoulder strap, a plush blanket, folder with vet records and information, toys, and food with your kitten.

After the courier picks up your kitten from us, we will send you an email stating that the kitten was safely picked up and the courier will send you updates on when the kitten will arrive to your mutual scheduled destination. 

The final payment and shipping expenses are due no later than 14 days before your kitten leaves Luxury Savannahs.

Please report back to us as soon as you take your kitten home to let us know how he or she is settling in. please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have as your kitten gets acclimated to your home.


Please understand that we have a lot of kittens over the years whom are now in new homes across the USA and we cannot rush to answer every single question or comment you may have right away in the weeks, months and years following your purchase.  After your kitten is acclimated we hope the adjustment to your home is a wonderful experience and we are so happy we could help provide a beautiful and sweet addition to your family. We will be available as much as we can, especially as your kitten adjusts to your new home. We will send out messages asking how your kitten is doing and addressing any and all concerns, but please understand, we receive emails, calls, messages, texts and inquiries every day from potential owners, new owners, and past owners sending us updates. We are a very busy family and we are with our cats and their kittens as much as possible to ensure socialization and consistency in their routine, so if we don't get to you right away it is not personal. Email is the best way to communicate with Luxury Savannahs. Thank you for understanding!