Price is based off of the anatomy to the breed standard, temperament, physical appearance, demand and scarcity.

When a Savannah Cat has traits inline with the breed standard they are of higher value as a pet or breeder. Breeders are obligated as TICA registered members to provide age appropriate vaccinations, health examinations, and keep the kittens until the age of 10-14 weeks, which can be costly.


F1 & F2 generations have very small litters, sometimes going long periods without conceiving. This, alongside the Serval ancestry and rarity of the F1 Savannah, (Servals are illegal in all but 2 states in the USA) are factors on why the cost is higher of those generations. 

  • F1 Savannah Cat

    • Pairings extremely difficult, very low fertility, small litters

    • Price: $12,000 - $25,000

  • F2 Savannah Cat

    • Pairings difficult, low fertility, small litters

    • $7,000 - $10,000

  • F3-F4 Savannah Cat
    • Pairings standard, medium fertility, small to moderate litters

    • $3,000 - $9,000


  • Lower Generations (F5-F6 SBT)

    • Pairings standard, medium fertility, moderate litters

    • $1,500 - $9,000

Prices of Savannah Kittens at Luxury Savannah's may be different than the above numbers, Luxury Savannahs follows conformation to breed standard, physical appearance, veterinary care, bottle-raising, difficultly to produce said generation, documentation, socialization and demand. 


Prices subject to change as kittens reach a certain age as they develop more and we can see their coat development. We have a high demand on all generations. We only produce F4 kittens once a year and F2 Kittens two-three times per year and have small litters. If you would like to purchase a Savannah Kitten prices shown may go up unless a deposit of 50% has been received to lock in that price. 

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