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Tycho is a beautiful HP F1 Savannah. His mother is an F1 Savannah so this makes Tycho the highest percentage F1 Savannah you can achieve in this incredible breed.  He is a fantastic representation of a HP Savannah with his bright golden color coat and deep black spotting.  Tycho has a desirable sultry black nose and black tear stains. He will have massive top set ears with perfect white and black ocelli. As an adult Tycho will look almost identical to his serval father "Kratos" with long elegant legs, short serval tail and beautiful buttery golden coat, but he will have his mother "Nova"'s sweet caring eyes and cuddly extra affectionate personality!
HP Savannahs are very difficult to create. They are the rarest of the Savannah generations.

It is so rewarding to have such prestigious results after years of hard work and attentive breeding decisions. We plan on only doing selective HP F1 Savannah breeding are happy to be a part of such a phenomenal litter of kittens that are above and beyond our peak expectations.~ Luxury Savannahs 
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