Hera is our beautiful F3 Savannah cat Queen here at Luxury Savannah's.  

She is absolutely gorgeous and has the sweetest docile personality!

Hera has big ears and long slender legs.  She is very long and has a beautiful brown and goald coat that sparkles and shines. She has brown and black spots all throughout her coat. Her underbelly is a very light buttery golden and white with deep dark spots.  The stripes go down her arms and legs just like a Serval.  Her head is very small and slender like the serval.  She has BIG Emerald green eyes and a cute pink button nose!


Hera is a fantastic mother. She will never leave their side and she loves cuddling up with each kitten.  She also trusts her humans and lets us handle her kittens since birth.

Hera's kittens have always been BIG and BEAUTIFUL!  Her kittens have always been extremely exotic looking and tend to take on her golden coat with big spots. 

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