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Birthdate: January 11, 2021
Odin is the largest F2 kitten in Echo's litter! He has very beautiful contrasted light and dark features. He has a cool toned golden and bright white coat and vibrant black spots! He has a perfect triangular head and nice big broad nose that looks very masculine! He has incredible green and gold hooded almond shaped eyes and deep black tear stains that go down toward the bridge of his nose which makes him look very exotic! His ears are amazing and get taller every day! He has little black tufts on his ears like his mom! Odin has long legs. We expect this F2 boy grow to be on the larger size of most F2's! Odin is very social and extremely loving. He loves to be held and jumps into your arms any chance he can get. He rolls around on his back and exposes his belly for lots of kisses! This boy is very special!  ~ Luxury Savannahs 
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