F1 Savannah Kittens

"Achelous"  (God of the "silver-swirling" river)
    -Ready to go May 2021!
The F1 Savannah is extremely rare! This litter was fantastic! With beautifully bright silver and grey tones and deep black spots! Achelous is stunning with his tall upright ears and his bright white and silver ocelli! His long legs and perfect lanky frame are what we strive for in the F1 Savannah type. He has gold and grey toned fur with sparkle and vibrant markings. His large solid deep black spots are very exotic and desirable! He has a perfect nose and almond shaped eyes. We expect Achelous to be very big as an adult! He is so affectionate and loving toward children and other animals. He is outgoing and curious which is a great personality type for the F1! He is an all around amazing kitten! ~ Luxury Savannahs