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F1 Savannah Kitten

"Remington Steele" aka "Remi"

The Silver color for a F1 Savannah is extremely rare! We only have very few Silver colored Savannahs born each year.These kittens have beautifully bright silver and grey tones and black and dark silver spots, "Remi" is a stunning silver! He will have bright white and silver ocelli and bright white and silver toned fur with vibrant and contrasted spots! Remi has some beautiful golden tarnish on his fur that will later fade as he gets older, but right now the tarnish really brightens up his coat and makes him look so exotic! His spots look like they are going to be big! Remi has a very exotic looking broad nose bridge, a cute light almost white pink nose, majestic 'poofy' cheeks and a fantastically shaped triangular head! We expect Remi to be very big and long and tall as an adult! We are excited to see how amazing and bright this gorgeous silver boy turns out! ~ Luxury Savannahs
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