F1 Savannah Male #2

Sex: Male

Born: 04/11/2020

Ready to go in July!

This boy is the largest male in the litter. He has an adorable face with a fantastic broad nose! His tear stains are very nicely placed down far onto the side of his face which makes him look very exotic! He has a beautiful serval-golden contrasted coat with large inky spots which are contrasted nicely against his full white belly. His ears are starting to come in and they have cute little tufts at the tips which we love! This boy is very sweet and loves to be held.

Prices of Savannah Kittens at Luxury Savannah's follows conformation to breed standard, physical appearance, veterinary care, bottle-raising, difficultly to produce said generation, documentation, socialization and demand.  Prices subject to change as kittens reach a certain age as they grow and we can see their coat development. We have a high demand on all generations and our Queens have small litters. If you would like to purchase a F1 Savannah prices quoted may go up unless a deposit of 50% has been received on the kitten of choice to lock in that price.

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