F1 Savannah #1

Sex: Female

Born: April, 22 2020

Will be ready to go in July!

Price: email for pricing details: LuxurySavannahs@gmail.com


This little cutie F1 girl is so precious!  Her orange-golden fur makes her large black spots stand out exceptionally against her coat. She is the most bright of the litter with beautiful golds, a bright white belly and nice dark contrasts. She is available as a pet or a breeder.

Prices of Savannah Kittens at Luxury Savannah's follows conformation to breed standard, physical appearance, veterinary care, bottle-raising, difficultly to produce said generation, documentation, socialization and demand.  Prices subject to change as kittens reach a certain age as they grow and we can see their coat development. We have a high demand on all generations and our Queens have small litters. If you would like to purchase a F1 Savannah prices quoted may go up unless a deposit of 50% has been received on the kitten of choice to lock in that price.

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