Ready to go late July early August

Rudy is an incredibly deep golden F1 Savannah Kitten. His coat is so stunning with coloring almost like a tiger's golden orange! He is so bright and stands out exceptionally beautifully. Rudy has massive ears with contrasted black and white ocelli. He has a long wide nose which gives him his masculine and serval appearance. Rudy has nice big bold black spots.Rudy has hooded eyes and black tear stains which compliment his exotic features. He is very large with big paws and long body. We expect this boy to be very large! Rudy is very social with other cats and very good with children! He is so playful with a ton of energy and loves any toy you give to him! We are so proud of this gorgeous boy and cannot wait to see what he will look like as an adult!
~ Luxury Savannahs