"Phoenix" (sun bird that is re-born rising from the ashes)
Phoenix is an incredibly beautiful, rare, and unique F1 Savannah with a Servaline pattern! The Servaline pattern, as you may have noticed, is many many small dots across the Savannah's coat instead of the large spots that most people are use to in a Savannah! The F1 Savannah (servaline pattern) is from a Serval father and a large savannah/chausie mother!  F1 Savannah/Servaline kittens tend to grow very large! Phoenix has a beautifully vibrant golden/tan coat with a fantastic large cupped ears and bright ocelli! Phoenix has a strikingly contrasted face with black and pink nose, dark tear stains, white eye liner, gorgeous green eyes and golden toned fur! He is the largest of the litter and is a very sweet and playful kitten. He has long legs and large paws. He is very cuddly and affectionate! He is so unique and exotic and striking! Phoenix will make a great pet for any family!
~ Luxury Savannahs