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"Kalumba" (warrior with strength and bravery )
Kalumba is a stunning F1 Savannah kitten.  He has perfect tall top set ears and fantastic bright ocelli. Kalumba has a very light bright warm golden and white coat like a serval with perfectly shaped solid black spots. He has very soft fur it feels like a bunny! Kalumba has a tall  frame with long legs. He has an adorable triangular shaped head, dark tear stains and hooded almond shaped eyes. His nose is mostly pink with a back outline and super cute white puffy cheeks! Kalumba has a calm and intuitive personality. He is a very loving and sweet kitten who enjoys cuddling and giving lots of head butts! He will be wonderful with children and very affectionate with other animals. Kalumba will be the perfect addition to any family ~ Luxury Savannahs 
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