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Zuléma is a gorgeous cool toned golden F1 Savannah Kitten! She has a F3 Savannah mother, so we expect this girl to grow to look very exotic and large as an adult! Zuléma has a sultry black nose with black tear stains and fantastic facial features! She looks very exotic even at such a young age! Zuléma has big top set ears with contrasted deep black and bright white ocelli. She has a cool toned golden top coat with perfect deep black spots! As she gets older, her coat will clear and be very contrasted showing beautiful golden tones! Zuléma has very cute exotic features such as white eye liner and white cheeks and chin! Her stomach is also very golden. She has a nice triangular shaped face and almond shaped eyes. Zuléma is extremely affectionate always giving cuddles and love and head butts and will lay on her back and let you rub her stomach and kiss her face! Every time you walk in the room she will greet you with cuddles! She is definitely a lap cat!  She is also very social with other cats! She is so confident and not scared of anything! Even our larger F1 adult cats! She will be fantastic for anyone who has other cats or dogs! 
We are so excited to watch how this adorable girl grows! ~ Luxury Savannahs 
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