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"Ahsoka" - HP F1 Savannah Kitten

Ahsoka is a stunning representation of a F1 Savannah kitten. She looks just like a serval with massive top set ears with large beautiful solid black and white ocelli. Ahsoka has an incredibly bright buttery tan golden golden coat with perfectly shaped solid black spots smattered across her coat! Her stomach and under arms are solid bright white giving a beautiful contrast! She has long arms and legs which give her such an elegant look! We expect her to be very tall lean and long! Ahsoka has a triangular shaped head with beautiful hooded feminine eyes. Ahsoka's mother is a large F3 Savannah. We have decided to keep Ahsoka here at Luxury Savannahs to be a future Queen of F2 Savannah Kittens in 2022!
~ Luxury Savannahs 
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