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F1 Savannah Female

    -Ready to go in March  2022!

Clarity is an adorable F1 Savannah kitten! She has the a bright golden coat with vibrant whites! She has upright cupped ears with bright white and black ocelli! She has large smudgy black spots which look very contrasted and exotic! Clarity has a Snow Savannah mix mother and a Serval father! She has a stunning pure white belly and white under arms. Clarity has a very sleek coat and graceful body frame! Clarity has a eraser pink nose with a black outline which is very exotic and unique!  She has a triangular shaped head and almond shaped hooded eyes and a perfec painted M on her forehead! Clarity is very sweet and loving.She is just learning to explore and eating solid foods and using the litter box! She loves to ay on your lap and give head butts!. She will also be really great with other pets! ~ Luxury Savannahs 
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