Reserving a Future Kitten

Pre-Birth Deposits:

  • In order to reserve a future kitten we accept pre-birth deposits to reserve a kitten of choice.

  • We accept pre-birth deposits on kittens reserved up to 12 months in advance. 

  • Pre-birth deposits are a $500 transferrable fee that holds your spot on a F1 or F2 kitten of choice.

  • We only accept a limited amount of pre-birth deposits per litter.

  •  If you are interested in a future kitten from us, please email us at with your gender of choice. We will explain what we have/will have available and where your deposit will be set. "First choice, Second choice, Third choice etc."

  • After paying your $500 pre-birth deposit fee please send an email to with the following information:



                                Phone number



          This information is used for your Pre-Birth Deposit Agreement which includes your guarantee choice                of a (gender or non gender preferred) Savannah Kitten from the litter of choice. The agreement                      will also include a paid invoice of your pre-birth deposit that will be transferred to the total price                  of your kitten. 


  • When kittens are born, each potential owner will receive an email with photos to announce the birth! We will not make potential owners choose their kitten right away unless they want to. When kittens are born potential owners have 3+ weeks to decide which kitten they want as each kitten's coat develops. Once a kitten is chosen, a remaining deposit of 50% (-$500) of the Kitten's price will be required to reserve that kitten. If the potential owner decides to transfer their deposit to another/different future kitten/litter they have up to the 3 week period to decide and their pre-birth deposit will be transferred over. 


  •  Starting prices quoted on kittens may change as kittens reach a certain age as they develop more and we can see their coat development.  If a 50% deposit is set to reserve a kitten on the quoted price, that price will be locked in and will not/cannot  change.

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