Artemis is a sultry exotic F1 Savannah Queen.

She is absolutely gorgeous with her black leathery nose, dark tear markings, big round ears and incredibly soft Servalesqe coat.  We were luckily able to have her at 8 weeks old so she could bond with our family. She is such an affectionate F1 and loves to play fetch and give unlimited head butts. 

As soon as Artemis arrived, my family held her, pet her, kissed her and played with her constantly so she would be use to human interaction and touch.  If you do not do this, a F1 Savannah will be more independent and have a more 'wild' personality like their Serval father.  

Artemis was color tested and carries the Melanistic gene! This means, paired with a Savannah male with the same gene she can (and has) produce an all BLACK F2 Kitten with beautiful black spots! (like a black panther)


Artemis has produced some beautiful High Quality F2 kittens that people have loved and enjoyed around their family and friends.  Thanks to Artemis she has taught her babies to be extra loving and social to their humans!

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