What Comes with Your Kitten?

We are happy to tell you that the cost of your new Savannah Kitten doesn't only include a healthy, well socialized beautiful kitten, we include several items in addition to your new baby to help ease the process of him or her settling nicely into your home!


Listed below are items we include with every kitten purchased here at Luxury Savannahs:

💎Health Guarantee 

💎Health Certification 

💎UTD vaccinations 

💎A carrying case so he/she can travel safely anywhere including to and from vet appointments. (luxury hard case for shipping PetSafe cargo or soft sturdy mesh case with shoulder strap for pickup or onboard flight travel)

💎A plush blanket

💎A harness and leash

💎Cat toys 

💎Bag of Cat food to help with transitioning to the cat food you’ll be feeding him/her

💎Brochure with Savannah cat information

💎High quality photos and videos of your kitten sent to your email

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