Litter Box Habits

Is Your Savannah Not Using Their Litter Box?

It’s almost impossible to believe, but on occasion highly intelligent hybrids will choose not to use their litter box.  If this occurs, ask yourself:

 Was there a change in your home?

(new people moving in or people moving out - going on a trip and leaving the cat babysat by a friend or family member)

Am I cleaning the litter box enough?

Do I have enough litter boxes?

Did I rearrange the furniture?

Did I change my brand of litter?

Was the litter box moved to a new location?


If you find yourself in an irresolvable situation, we have found a fail-safe method to retrain your hybrid to the litter box.

Retraining your Savannah

Go back to the beginning as if your kitten had just arrived. 

Confine your cat to a small room, bathroom or a dog crate large enough to comfortably hold your cat, its food, water and litter box. We’re talking tough love here. Your cat will likely cry, but it has to be done.

We recommend confinement in this area for about a week, allowing for short recreational periods outside the “room” throughout the day as long as you are watching and interacting with him/her. 

After play, it’s back to the small room or large crate. 

We also recommend you switch to Cat Attract litter, a clumping litter with pheromones that aid in litter box usage.

After a week of confinement, your cat can be allowed out for progressively longer periods of time, as long as you confine him/her during this retraining process when you are gone.

If your cat progresses to where he/she is allowed out of confinement for two hours at a time, but goes outside the litter box, it’s back to the small room/crate for a full day without any play sessions. After the non-play day, pick up where you left off with time periods out of the small room/crate.

If your cat continues to "go" in a specific area/room outside the box, keep him/her closed out of this area for as long as you can. Usually a cat will retrain to the box without any accidents. Make sure you clean the area with enzymes. 

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