What is Luxury Savannah's?


Luxury Savannah's is a TICA registered provider of Savannah kittens in Las Vegas NV.  We provide F1 through F4  Savannah kittens. These kittens are raised in home and not in kennels.  We have personally owned Savannah and Serval cats for 10+ years.

Kittens are hand raised  in exceptional conditions to ensure that their owners are not only obtaining a well trained kitten, but also a socialized kitten who will crave their owners attention, love, and affection.  Each kitten  has grown up around children and other cats so they are very well adjusted to people who have families and other animals.

We love Savannah cats for their exotic look and incredible personality.  The Savannah cat  is an exquisite breed with long elegant legs, designer spots and stripes, long graceful necks, tall wild-like ears, and wide piercing eyes.  

We  call them "Luxury" cats because they are a high quality  and rare breed that looks physically enchanting.  They are very charming creatures with a very affectionate and dedicated personality. 

Not everyone is suited to own a Savannah cat.  If you do not have the time to bond or play with your cat you will not be able to obtain the imprint and connection that a Savannah will provide.  Remember, your kitten has WILD blood and is more intelligent and energetic than a normal domesticated breed of cat.  We spend a lot of time and give a lot of love and affection to our cats and kittens and the bond with your cat almost becomes addicting.. once you have one Savannah, you want more!



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